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Review of "Peace In Every Moment" CD

Tom Moore & Tim Sadow Peace in Every Moment  

By RJ Lannon,

Our lives seem to be focused on just one thing nowadays. The search for some kind of peace. We can click the TV off and pull the plug on the radio, but we can’t shut down the fears, the trepidation, the uneasiness that seems to be constantly playing like some sort of macabre movie in the background of our hearts, minds, and souls. A new door has just opened in the form of music. A door we can enter and all at once be immersed in an atmosphere of sonic peace. Synthesist/Keyboardist Tom Moore and violinist Tim Sadow’s new collaboration Peace in Every  

Moment is the key that unlocks that door. They offer six tracks of ambient escapism that quiets the mind and gives succor to the soul. Listen closely, breathe deeply, and relax.  

We have just stepped through the door and we discover that peace is Just a Breath Away. Three beats of a drum announces the presence of light and space. The landscape is endless. If you concentrate you can form your own terra infirma, your sanctuary for peace. Breathe deep.  

The OM sound gives us pause to take cleansing breaths at the beginning of the track Peace Runs Deep. Sadow’s violin sounds like an eerie Theremin with its embryonic beauty. Haunting, mesmerizing, and expansive, the tune creates a wondrous environment of fluid textures in which to soak up the quietude.  

A crack of thunder, a soft, droning quaver, and a tremulous violin combine to open the title tune Peace in Every Moment. The space opens up and becomes a vast, undisturbed environment. It allows your spirit to wander, to explore, and to forget. It is the now. It is mindfulness by definition.  

Everlasting Peace is the gentlest tune on the recording. The music touches you in waves, soft, dreamlike, ethereal. The flow of the delicate flute-inspired melody blended with the otherworldly violin music bathes you in tranquility. This is one that will give you a moment or two to find sleep, perchance to dream.  

One of the more intricate tracks on Peace in Every Moment is called Stillness in Our Midst. A pendulous bass note, an echoing horn, and an extraordinary violin from a place unknown. This is an aural journey that touches just about all of the known senses. However, there are many feeling senses inside the human body. Senses that tell you where you are or how the earth is affecting you. Some are telling you if you are motionless or outside in the fresh air. All of these senses and some that are hidden within seem to be touched or attuned by these vibrations of sound.  

The final cut is The Endless River. It takes care of time, space, and awareness all in one package. At over 21 minutes long, it allows you to completely unwind. You are finally in a place where time means very little and comfort looms large in the distance. Peace is within your grasp.  

Tom Moore and Tim Sadow’s super powers are combining their unique sounds of synthesizer and violin and their creative artistic talents to generate renewable energy. Sounds very scientific, but in fact it is a simple concept. The purity of sound combined with the rhythmic flow of positivity yields music that refreshes and renovates the spirit. Maybe they should patent that. Highly listenable. - R J Lannan, Artisan Music Reviews